Inspired by the wonderful sunset of Rio Guaíba, in 2002 the trademark ®BemDaTerra was originally registered.®.

Initially aimed at bringing up a new pace to technology in order to influence it in such a re-direction that is modeled in harmony according to the latest worldwide necessities related to environment preservation and important contrasts between free and proprietary computer codes.

At that time, a long process of awareness was undertaken towards those who are the main transformers of the planet: the human-beings, who have nowadays new technology, particularly information technology as the main tool for this purpose.e tried to start the season a long process of awareness in those who are the main processors of the beautiful planet Earth: human beings, and today the new technologies, particularly information technology as the main tool for this purpose.

SoqueteEcologicoFoto1 SoqueteEcologicoFoto3

It appeared then that it wouldn’t do any good to create large projects related to the beneficial use of new technologies for the good of the planet, if the alternatives of economy and clean electric power generation weren’t fueled.

And so, the initial design of the company was a marketing job done upon a great product associated to new energy requirements, which was found in a third party company. It was noticed that such product needed a disclosure in accordance with the need to preserve global biodiversity. As a result, there was created a package that would convey this relevant message, and since then the product called Soquete Ecológico BemDaTerra ® has been marketed throughout Brazil.

Two initial goals successfully achieved:

The disclosure of the positive idea found in the company's outsourced product, which was eventually sold for a considerable profit for the company Marcar Tecnologia Integrada, and today successfully markets it for Brazil under the brand EconLuz named as Soquete Mágico;

®BemDaTerra, has gained increasingly advantageous followers, such as the São Paulo company CiaOrgânica that by adopting the domain "www.bemdaterra.com.br" uses the mark in one of its major products: the Organic Coffee. Worth remembering the importance of coffee also in the field of informatics ,widely used by several developers in all hierarchies in order to keep themselves awake and energized in spite of numerous positive readings and mental efforts that need doing.

Therefore, it’s understood that the organic coffee is also related to the brand ® BemDaTerra for being a "kind of clean fuel" that influences the productivity of various professionals in the technology area, notably essential in the reconstruction process through which the planet passes.

There has currently been under registration of our company since May 2005, an interesting product design that, among other benefits related to the environment, aims at absorbing, eliminating or transmitting odors via an electronic device. A relevant prototype of such product hás been recently developed by a Japanese University and presented on the TV program Fantástico on Rede Globo, and so our company is looking for resources to develop it in Brazil too, preferably in Rio Grande Do Sul.

The company currently maintains the brand’s main site named as www.bemdaterra.net , which aims at creating a network of distribution and marketing of products and companies that are positively linked to the brand philosophy.